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The European culture has a way of telling their ancient history that dates back to many years using druidic astrology grouping of animals. Celtic animal Zodiac is such a fantastic phenomenon that the region has used to express their cultural beliefs. All over the world, different cultures have varied symbols or animals to demonstrate each cycle of their history because every region has unique animals and plants. Among the animals used in the The Celtic Zodiac include deer, cat, snake, bull, fox, seahorse, horse, fish, wren, butterfly, wolf, swan, and hawk. This read explores the Celtic Zodiac in details.

General information

What the signs stand for in Celtic belief

jhjhjhjjhjhThe Stag or the Deer stands for the birth group on 24 December and 20 January. The Cat represents the births between January 21 and February 17. The Adder or Snake takes on from February 18 to March 17. The Fox take on from March 18 to April 14. The Cow or the Bull represents births within April 15 and May 12; the Seahorse takes on from May 13 to June 9 while the Wren represents births from June 10 to July 7.

The Horse represents July 8 to August 4, the Salmon or the Fish from August 5 to September 1, while the Swan is from September 2 to September 29. The Butterfly is from September 30 to October 27, the Wolf or the Hound is from October 28 to November 24, and the Hawk or the Falcon takes November 25 to December 23.

How they match to plant astrology signs

The Celtic animal astrological calendar also has a fascinating match or partner with the tree signs. Let us see how they line up together in the chart. The Deer or Stag lines up with the Birch; the Cat matches Rowan, Adder goes along with Ash, Cow or Bull lines up with Willow, while Seahorse matches the Hawthorn. Similarly, the Wren lines up with the Oak, Horse pairs with the Holly, Fish or Salmon matches the Hazel, the Swan lines up with the Vine, Butterfly with the Ivy, Wolf or Hound with the Reed, while Falcon or Hawk matches with the Elder.


kkllmmmbThese Celtic astrological symbols are very significant culturally because they tend to mirror that fact of how the beliefs and philosophies of the Celtics were heavily knotted into nature. It implies that nature and philosophy are not two separate things, but nature is entwined in everything from astrology and religion to daily interaction and life in the society.

The link between nature and philosophy has been forming and informing the basis for existence and relationship between man and its environment.…

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