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Traveling by bus is one of the most exciting ways to travel. Compared to airlines, bus travel offers a unique way of traveling. People have different reasons for using a bus to travel. However, there are some convincing reasons unto why many people still prefer to use buses from bus from ipoh to LEGOLAND despite the presence of airlines, personal means or even ride sharing options. Here below are some of the main reasons to travel by bus.

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One of the major reasons why many people prefer using a bus to travel is because they save a lot of money using the bus. Bus travel is relatively cheaper than opting for other options like traveling by air. Therefore, then you should consider using a bus to travel to your destination to cut in your travel costs.


If you have traveled by a commercial flight, then you can attest that the seats are not as ‘cozy’ as described. Most commercial flights do not offer the much-needed comfort for long travels. It is for this reason that a bus travel is recommended because it provides total comfort suitable for long journeys. In a bus, there is good spacing, unlike the commercial flights where spacing is not as spacious as expected.

No long security lines

Even though flights are faster than buses, there is usually a lot of time wasted at the airports queuing for security checks. Buses do not have these long security lines that will delay your journey. You only need to check in at the bus station and proceed to your destination without being subjected to long security lines.

sdsdcSDCvfawdfvwafGood scenery

A journey is not all about reaching the destination. There are interesting things along the way that makes the whole journey enjoyable. It is only when traveling by bus that you will be able to view all the scenery along the way. When you opt to fly, you will not enjoy the good scenery along the way. Therefore, if you want to view nature at its best, you have the bus as your best travel option.


Accessing a bus is quite easier than a commercial flight. Technology has made things easier and now one can easily book online and prepare for a bus journey. To add on to accessibility, buses can pick up passengers at different destinations, unlike flights which are strictly limited to airports. Therefore, traveling by bus is beneficial because it is accessible.…

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