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We have all heard of 3d printing. Infect we all wish to do it by ourselves. The future that most people hope for is that we will be able to download products online. With the help of CAD programs, we also hope we will be able to make whatever we download for ourselves. With that in mind, we might tend to think the 3d printing price list is overhyped. Well, this might not be the case. There are quite some factors that affect the pricing of d products.



We can only do 3d printing using one material, plastic. But that does not make it any simpler. There are many things wqxcfghbnmade of plastic in our homes, but not all of them are 3D printed. Some materials are made from a mixture of materials, and that cannot be done from just anywhere.

The conditions in the home cannot allow some three printing types to be made there. That’s why there are industries which are using 3D printing not that it’s simple but because the conditions favor that. There are loads of different 3D printers each with an advantage and a disadvantage. Dome uses other materials that are messy and pretty much expensive.


This is the biggest part of 3D printing. To print something you need a CAD model. Getting the model is what makes 3D printing a process. It is somehow similar to printing a letter. Only much harder than just harder than typing a letter.

Surface finish

Not all plastics are finished in plastics. There are also matt finished items with rough layers all over. Many companies skip the suffix part. Post processing is also possible, but you will need acetone which is a not so pleasant chemical. The cost of 3d printing will be based on material and all the other processes in it.


kjkjkjnbxzqw3D printing is done in layers that mean the products are not strong enough. The layers don’t bond enough. They only provide strength when pressing down but has a laminate weakness. Since they are not guaranteed strength, they can break easily. The strength will affect their pricing such that you can only make it more expensive if it’s durable.

When you see a 3d printed product online, the first thing that comes to our mind is that we can do it too. The thought it can be made at home is overwhelming. For that reason, we believe 3D printing is overpriced. But from the above, it is evidently not the case. While there are simple products that can be made others are complex. It is high time we free our mind from what we think and expect and face reality.…

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