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Pendant lights are fixtures that are hung from the ceiling to brighten the room and accord it a stylish appearance. They are suspended with chains or rods to bring down the light to where it is needed. A pendant is a bulb hidden in a lampshade. It comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes that range between a diameter of 4 inches and 30 inches. The purpose of the fixture is determined by the kind of shade it has; glass fixtures often provide ambient light while the metal ones confine light to a specific area.

This read provides insight on how to use pendant lighting in the kitchen.

Kitchen lighting

gfsgfs5sgf333Lighting your kitchen with a pendant provides flair to the cooking area. Besides their beautiful ambiance, they form a central point that gives the room an aesthetic appeal. Their large variety makes it easy to introduce a customized design into your kitchen.

The following is a procedure to help you identify the right pendant for your kitchen space.

1. Decide on the location

The lighting delivers an overall ambient to the whole space, and so, you should decide on the area where it’s needed most. The fixtures are commonly installed above the kitchen table or over the sink. Stationing it at the center will provide a general illumination.

2. Choose the size

The size of the pendant lights should correlate with that of the kitchen. For a limited-spaced kitchen, one fixture with a small globe will be enough. If it’s large with a long table or bar, then two or three pendants will be sufficient to brighten the room. Get identical pendants to create a rhythm design.

3. Select a style

Choose the right shape, color, and material that complement the kitchen’s décor. The sleek and shiny fixture is ideal for a modern setup. The traditionally styled kitchen deserves the bell-shaped lampshades whereas the natural fabric shades boost the appearance of an eco-friendly design.

Hanging the pendant lights in your kitchen space

fgsagfsa54safg3Fixing the fixture is equally an important procedure as choosing it. The distance from which it is hung determines the extent of lighting in the room. For task lighting, the bottom rim of the fixture should be 30-35 inches above the table. In an ambient lighting, the fixture’s lower edge needs to be 60-66 inches above the floor. If the ceiling is beyond 8 feet, add 3 inches for every additional foot to lower the pendant to the 60-66 inches height range.…

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