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Swimwear is a clothing designed to be worn by people engaging in a water activity such as swimming, diving, and surfing. Different types of swimwear can be worn by men, women, and children. Swimwear styles or designs have evolved from being dresses that mostly covered the whole body to many styles that leave very little to the imagination. Nowadays customers are satisfied with different designs from various designer, styles, shapes, and fabrics available. These are the various types of swimwear;

Different Types

Swim Trunks

kjkjkjkjkkjjkSwim trunks are the most traditional type of swimwear worn by men of all ages. They are made of nylon, polyester or a blend. They are available in solid colors as well funky prints. Board shorts are preferred by younger people and children instead of traditional swim trunks because they are more comfortable and roomy. Swim trunks are loose and extend to someone’s mid-thigh.

Board shorts

Board shorts are most likely worn by teenagers and young adults at the beach or swimming pools. The name board shorts was derived from the sport of surfing since they were created for the competition. Nowadays they are worn in anyplace where the event of swimming is taking place. They have a rigid waist but not an elastic one like most swim trunks. The rigid waistband is often lace- up in front. They are normally worn by men.

Square Leg Swimsuit

Square leg swimsuit is worn by men and are cut similar to boxer brief underwear. For the fitted look one is advised to use this type of swimsuit. They are available in fitted styles and piped seams.

Swim jammers

Swim jammer style swimsuits are mainly worn by competitive swimmers. They offer more coverage than the swim briefs of them being form fitting. They are similar to cycling shorts. They are scarcely worn at the beaches. They are commonly worn by men competing in different competitions involving water.


Swim briefs are made of nylon/ spandex briefs are worn by men. They are available from several different swimwear brands. They vary in design in the market from the full coverage bottom to barely there g string swimwear. For people who like body-hugging swimsuit style, one is advised to consider this type.

Monokini Swimwear

hgggghghhghThe Monokini Swimwear is one piece swimsuit. It has goat a strip that connects the top and bottom portions. They are worn by women and minority of the men since it is not comfortable for the average guy. Tankini swimwear: Tankini swimwear is also referred as a two piece swim suit. They are worn by women whereby the two pieces covers the breast and the stomach. They vary in different styles.…

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