Reasons to Buy A Manual Coffee Grinder

Coffee is a brewed drink from grounded coffee beans. It is a perfect sedative that is good for your health. For you to find all the health benefits of coffee from a cup of coffee, you have to prepare your coffee properly so get the best hand crank coffee grinder. Coffee preparation involves a process of roasting coffee beans, grinding and brewing.

Perfectly roasted coffee beans are easy to come by because most of the time you will buy them from your local stores. This makes grinding, and brewing left to you, but without perfectly grounded coffee you will not brew good coffee. There are manual and automatic coffee grinding machines. Using automatic machines are quite easy and time saving but for coffee, there ate reasons why you must consider buying a manual coffee grinding machine.

Perfect Coffee

If you want coffee that has got the perfect taste that you can get by using a manual coffee grinder. Even though the difference in the taste of coffee grounded from a manual and automatic machine is slightly different but the health benefit is huge. This is simply because manual machines are gentle but automatic machines are not because of the speed at which they grind; this brings friction making it heat up. A lot of heat can affect the nutritious value of the beans.


Manual coffee grinders are smaller and less expensive. When you go to your local store, think of buying a manual grinder if it is for use at home. It will also help you in saving a lot since the maintenance cost is also low because chances of a hand held grinder getting damaged is very low. Even though there are high-end manual grinders that are more expensive as compared to automatic ones, they are always worthy of the price and much better. You will also save other cost like paying electric bills.

Environment Friendly

Pollution has been a major problem in the world today. Technology is trying to bring machines that cause less pollution to the environment, and his is by introducing manual tools. Using a manual coffee grinder helps prevent noise pollution because they are always silent. Manual tools are also energy friendly, making them prevent pollution to the environment during the process of generating and supplying energy to be used by automatic coffee grinders.


When you look at the manual coffee grinder, you will find something antique in it. Traditional and old-fashioned looks are the new trending styles in kitchen accessories designs. Such machines add beauty to the look in your kitchen making it more attractive. Beauty in manual machines is also said to have a psychological benefit to some people, in particular for the young generation.