Best assisted opening knife to pick

What is the best assisted opening knives? It is a question that may be running through your mind whenever you think of a knife. This article will help you have your question cleared. Basically, an assisted opening knife is a type of knife that allows the user to easily open its blade by using one hand simply by applying pressure on the flipper or the thumb stud.

Speed and convenience is the base of any assisted opening knife. Usually, they are safe to handle, legal and quick to deploy. When looking for the best knife; model, material, price, and length are some of the things to consider.

The following are some of the best-assisted opening knives:


1. Kershaw Cryo

They are excellent for everyday carry and for formal occasions they are classy enough. It had a blade and closed length of 3.25 and 4.4 inches respectively. Its overall length is 7.75 inches. Has a safe assisted opening locking mechanism and 14c28n stainless steel blade material originating from China.

It has a nice deep carry clip and doesn’t need sharpening all the time. Usually, it has a good grip with a simple handle feeling good to hold. Although it is a little heavy to handle, it has a low


2. SOG SpecialtyCP Aegis

The Aegis has 3.5-inch stainless steel blade, a well-balanced body, and a black TiNi finish. It weighs 3.1 ounces making it extremely light. Its handle material is glass-reinforced nylon with an overall length of 8.25 inches.

Its build quality is class despite the fact that it is light and small. It opens quickly and smoothly due to the quality opening mechanism. The only issue with it is arc lock that requires little push so as to fold it completely. It has lifetime warranty making it the best option.

opening knives3

3. Kershaw Ken Onion Blur

Its blade design makes it a good option for multitasking. It is slightly curved at its drop point making it compatible for piercing and slicing all at the same time. It has a blade length of 3 inches and closed length of 4.5 inches. Also, it has a speed safe assisted opening locking mechanism and an overall length of 7.8 inches. It is also pretty light as it weighs 3.9 ounces. Its pocket clip is not tight hence you have to tighten it up frequently.


4. Kershaw Onion Leek

It is an ideal knife with 3 inches blade. It is designed in a slim and sleek way built in the USA. It has a drop point making it suitable for detailed work. It has a closed and overall length of 4
and 7 inches respectively. 4410 stainless steel handle material and a speed safe assisted opening locking mechanism.

opening knives2

5. SOG flash 2

It has lightweight attributes, and it is an inexpensive knife. 3.5 inches blade length, 4.5 inches closed length and an overall length of 8 inches. It has a glass-reinforced nylon handle material, and a speed safe assisted opening locking mechanism. The only problem is that it is fragile and can’t be used for heavy duties.

Assisted opening knives are many, but it goes down to the best depending on the factors you consider. The ideas here will have you ready to make your best choice.